Jump on the bandwagon, and test your sports IQ on Superstardle, a new take on professional sports engagement covering in-depth trivia and exploratory visualizations.

At its core, Superstardle serves fans, journalists, and analysts alike through a platform that speaks to a beloved affinity for players and stats.

Who Dat covers trivia on player careers, and first made available at the end of last year. Similar to the culture craze behind Immaculate Grid, the game Who Dat tests your knowledge of players and who they played for, which more or less defines their legacy. You think you know those iconic players from your childhood? Or your favorite city sports teams in their glory years? Take a chance!

Stat Me covers player stat trivia, and had also launched at the end of last year. However, this stat trivia is not your traditional over-the-counter “show me the numbers”, but rather thoughtful sports graphs at the core of the game themselves. You think you know the shooting profile of your favorite basketball forward? Or the passing tendencies of your most beloved football QB? You might be surprised how much you know. Give it a go!

Pack’Em is an over & under trivia game focused on playoff performances with pop culture mixed in — a not-so-subtle tribute to our Super Bowl culture. The trivia game launched this month alongside our nation’s current 🏈 festivities. New sports will become available during their respective playoff seasons — 🏀 🏒 in April and ⚾ in October. If you have nostalgia for past Super Bowls, the commercials, and the music & films that accompanied them every year, then this trivia is for you, enjoy!

About The Founder

For sports ideas, feedback, or collaboration requests, you can reach Superstardle founder Mike via email: mike[at]superstardle.com.

Having been a soccer player and Boston native, Mike grew close to sports, and the communities built around them. He currently oversees Superstardle, and plans to introduce new games with content over the course of the year. Stay tuned, and more importantly, have fun with trivia.

Thomas Nielsen

A sports-journalist & Las Vegas native, Thomas lives for professional basketball, NFL, college football and Ice-Hockey. When he is not watching sports (or analyzing sports data), he can usually be found reading a book in a secluded corner. Tom is also a contributor at GamblingIndustryNews.com & Vegas-Odds.com.