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The National Football League’s Most Valuable Player Award (NFL MVP) is an accolade bestowed upon the player deemed to have been the most valuable, and had the most impact on their team or the season in the NFL during the regular season.

It’s awarded by entities such as the Associated Press (AP) and the Pro Football Writers of America (PFWA). The first award, known as the Joe F. Carr Trophy, was presented by the NFL from 1938 to 1946.

The NFL has been holding the NFL Honors ceremony annually since 2011 to recognize the winner of the Associated Press MVP award​​.

Over the past decade of seasons, the NFL MVP winners and the teams they represented are as follows:

  • 2023/24: Lamar Jackson (Quarterback – Baltimore Ravens)
  • 2022: Patrick Mahomes (Quarterback – Kansas City Chiefs)
  • 2021: Aaron Rodgers (Quarterback – Green Bay Packers)
  • 2020: Aaron Rodgers (Quarterback – Green Bay Packers)
  • 2019: Lamar Jackson (Quarterback – Baltimore Ravens)
  • 2018: Patrick Mahomes (Quarterback – Kansas City Chiefs)
  • 2017: Tom Brady (Quarterback – New England Patriots)
  • 2016: Matt Ryan (Quarterback – Atlanta Falcons)
  • 2015: Cam Newton (Quarterback – Carolina Panthers)
  • 2014: Aaron Rodgers (Quarterback – Green Bay Packers)
  • 2013: Peyton Manning (Quarterback – Denver Broncos)
  • 2012: Adrian Peterson (Running Back – Minnesota Vikings)
  • 2011: Aaron Rodgers (Quarterback – Green Bay Packers)​​.

Only two football players in history have ever won the NFL MVP award unanimously: Tom Brady in 2010 and Lamar Jackson in 2019.

Multiple NFL MVP Award Recipients

Several players have won the NFL MVP multiple times.

  • Peyton Manning leads with five MVP awards.
  • Aaron Rodgers follows closely with four wins.
  • Other multiple-time winners include Tom Brady, Jim Brown, Brett Farve, and Johnny Unitas, each with three MVPs.
  • Patrick Mahomes, Joe Montana, Kurt Warner, and Steve Young and Lamar Jackson have each won the award twice​​.

2023/24 Season NFL MVP Bookmakers’ Favorites

With a record of over 4,000 yards, 24 touchdowns, and seven interceptions, QB Lamar Jackson was favorite with bookmakers to clinch the MVP title.

  • Lamar Jackson (Baltimore Ravens) (-160)
  • Christian McCaffrey (+470)
  • Tua Tagovailoa (+100)
  • Brock Purdy (+1300)
  • Josh Allen (+1400)

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