, a leader in sports data & analytics, is proud to announce the release of its free WordPress Odds Calculator plugin, designed specifically for webmasters managing sports / betting websites.


Enhanced User Experience with Multiple Odds Formats

Odds formats can be confusing for sports-betting novices.

This Odds Calculator wordPress plugin seamlessly integrates into any WordPress website, offering readers the ability to easily convert odds and calculate their winnings and implied probability % from betting odds in American, Decimal, and Fractional formats – as well as to convert odds between various representations.

Simple odds conversion caters to a global audience, ensuring that users from different regions can understand odds & payouts in their preferred odds format, and work out how much they stand to win should they bet on an outcome at specific odds.

Educational and Informative

By incorporating this plugin, webmasters can offer their users an educational tool, helping them to better understand betting odds and the implications of their wagers. It’s an excellent way to increase user engagement and time spent on the site.

Implied Probability Calculation

A standout feature of this plugin is its ability to calculate the implied probability percentage of the entered odds. This addition offers users a deeper insight into the likelihood of an outcome, aiding them in making more informed betting decisions.

Simplified Betting Analysis for Your Readers

The plugin simplifies complex betting calculations, saving users time and reducing the risk of errors. Whether it’s for a casual bettor or a seasoned punter, this tool enhances the betting experience by providing quick and accurate calculations. Embed it on odds pages or on a dedicated odds calculator page via a WordPress shortcode.

Free and Easy to Integrate is committed to enhancing the sports betting community by offering this plugin completely free of charge. Easy to download and integrate, it is a valuable addition to any sports-related website looking to enrich its content and user experience.

Enhance your website’s functionality and user engagement.

Installing, Activating and Using the Odds Calculator Plugin

Download the Betting Odds Calculator/Converter Plugin zip file here

To upload and activate the zipped WordPress plugin and use a shortcode to initialize it in your content, follow these steps:

Uploading and Activating the Plugin

  1. Log in to Your WordPress Dashboard: Access your WordPress site by logging in with your administrator credentials.
  2. Navigate to Plugins Section: On the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard, you will find the ‘Plugins’ menu. Click on ‘Plugins’ to open the plugin management area.
  3. Add New Plugin: At the top of the Plugins page, click on the ‘Add New’ button.
  4. Upload the Plugin: On the Add Plugins page, you’ll see an option for ‘Upload Plugin’ near the top of the screen. Click this button to reveal the plugin upload form.
  5. Choose the Plugin File: Click on ‘Choose File’ and select the zipped file of your plugin from your computer. Make sure you have the .zip format of the plugin (e.g.,
  6. Install the Plugin: After selecting the file, click ‘Install Now’ to start the installation process. WordPress will upload and unpack the plugin.
  7. Activate the Plugin: Once the plugin is installed, a screen will appear with an option to ‘Activate Plugin’. Click this to activate the plugin on your WordPress site.

Using the Plugin Shortcode to Display The Odds Calculator On A WordPress Page / Post

After the plugin is activated, you can use the [odds_calculator] shortcode to initialize the plugin in your posts, pages, or widgets.

  1. Edit a Page or Post: Go to the page or post where you want the odds calculator to appear.
  2. Insert the Shortcode: In the content editor, place your cursor where you want the odds calculator to appear. Type in the shortcode [odds_calculator].
    • This shortcode is a placeholder that will be replaced by the actual content or functionality of the odds calculator when the page is viewed.
  3. Save or Update the Page/Post: After inserting the shortcode, make sure to save or update your page or post.
  4. Preview Your Changes: It’s always a good idea to preview the page or post to ensure the odds calculator appears and functions as expected.