dodgers are favorites to win the 2021 MLB World Series
dodgers are favorites to win the 2021 MLB World Series

Baseball fans sometimes like to wager on the winner of the MLB World Series at the start of the season, making what is known as a “futures” bet via a land-based or online sportsbook. Gamblers can place wager on a MLB Futures betting market at any time, but the sportsbooks will adjust the odds over the course of the season depending on results, injuries, illnesses (e.g due to COVID19) and other factors & news.

The New York Yankees is the The most successful teams in MLB / World Series history – their win record of 27 World Series wins is more than twice that of any other team.

No Major League Baseball team has won consecutive World Series titles in 20 years, however the reigning champion Los Angeles Dodgers head into 2021 as the betting favorite to reign supreme once again in October.

Most World Series Wins

  1. New York Yankees – 27
  2. St. Louis Cardinals – 11
  3. Boston Red Sox – 9
  4. Oakland Athletics – 9
  5. San Francisco Giants – 8
  6. Los Angeles Dodgers – 7

Who are the current top MLB players?

The top MLB players currently include Mike Trout, Christian Yelich, Cody Bellinger, Mookie Betts and Alex Bregman.

Who are the favorites for World Series 2021?

The Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees are considered the two betting favorites to win the World Series in 2021 based on odds from international sportsbook Bovada. Other leading contenders include San Diego Padres, Atlanta Braves, Tampa Bay Rays and Chicago White Sox.

With the likes of Bellinger, Betts and Corey Seager on the squad, it’s easy to see why reigning champions the Dodgers are again favorites with sportsbooks to win the World Series 2021.

Historical MLB Odds Data

If you wish to view historical MLB odds data, view our MLB Odds datasets page.

2021 World Series Winner Odds

2021 World Series Winner – Sportsbook Betting Odds
Team Winning Odds
Los Angeles Dodgers +315
New York Yankees +550
San Diego Padres +800
Chicago White Sox +1000
Atlanta Braves +1000
New York Mets +1200
Toronto Blue Jays +1600
Minnesota Twins +1600
Houston Astros +2200
St. Louis Cardinals +2200
Oakland Athletics +2500
Tampa Bay Rays +3000
Washington Nationals +3500
Los Angeles Angels +3500
Boston Red Sox +4000
Cincinnati Reds +5000
Cleveland Indians +5000
Philadelphia Phillies +5000
Milwaukee Brewers +5000
Chicago Cubs +5500
Miami Marlins +8000
San Francisco Giants +8000
Seattle Mariners +10000
Kansas City Royals +10000
Arizona Diamondbacks +12500
Baltimore Orioles +12500
Detroit Tigers +15000
Texas Rangers +15000
Colorado Rockies +20000
Pittsburgh Pirates +25000
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