The 2018/19 NBA season was exceptional in terms of the volume of long-standing records broken – many of which have stood for decades.  The modern and more scientifically focused style of basketball is no doubt a factor in setting new records.

In this post, we look at ten records smashed snapped in the 2018/19 season by veteran players and newcomers to the big-league.

Klay Thompson Breaks NBA Record for 3 Pointers Made in a Single Game

Thompson was going into a game with the Chicago Bulls With dismal season performance of three-pointers (5 for 36) when he delivered a sublime performance, breaking the single-game 3 pointer record which was held by Steph Curry (no surprises there).

Klay Thompson’s netted 14 three pointers in the game, with ten in the first half. He left the game half-way through the third quarter, having played for just 26 minutes, something which makes this accomplishment even more incredible.

The Warriors had 92 points at halftime, and eventually won the game, 149-124

35+ Points and 5+ Assists Consecutively – James Harden

The Rockets´ James Harden proved that he is one of the greatest scorers of all time in the NBA.

Breaking Oscar Robertson’s previous record of seven consecutive games with 35+ points and 5+ assists, MVP James Harden delivered 43 points and 13 assists in a game to secure his 8th consecutive 35+ points and 5+ assists game, and leading the Rockets to victory over the Memphis Grizzlies 113-101.

Robertson’s record had stood since 1967. He had seven-game streaks twice!
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Team Three Point Field Goals Made in a Single Game – Houston Rockets

Beating the record of combined team 3-point field goals in a single game held by the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Houston Rockets roster beat the record during a game with the Washington Wizards.

The Rockets netted 26 threes with James Harden and Chris Paul responsible for 11. Five players on the Rockets team hit at least three three-pointers.

NBA Combined 3 Point Field Goal record broken by Warriors and Pelicans

Of course, the Warriors are known for their three-point style – in no small-part to having 3 point wizard Stephen Curry on the team. So it will not come as a surprise that they featured in the game that holds the new record for combined team three-point field goals.

In an encounter with the New Orleans Pelicans, the combined threes tally was 43 – nineteen for the Pelicans (led by Nikola Mirotic with six threes), and twenty-four three-pointers for Golden State led by nine from Steph Curry and four from Draymond Green.

New NBA Record – Most seasons with same Team: Dirk Nowitzki

NBA Power-forward Dirk Nowitzki set a new NBA record for most seasons with the same NBA team by a player – with 21 seasons with the Dallas Mavericks, breaking Kobe Bryant’s record of 20 consecutive seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Nowitzki is widely regarded as one of the greatest power forwards of all time. He led the Mavericks to fifteen playoff appearances (2001–2012; 2014–2016), including the team’s first Finals appearance in 2006 and its only NBA championship in 2011.

New NBA Unassisted Points Record: James Harden

2018/2019 was a a career year for James Harden.

Harden went on a ridiculous streak of games where he scored 30+ points. With a streak of 32 straight games, second to only legendary Wilt Chamberlain, “the beard” had 304 unassisted points over seven games in January to earn the record for most consecutive unassisted NBA points scored by a player.

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New NBA Record – Consecutive Games with a Triple Double : Russell Westbrook

Oklahoma City Thunder  point-guard Russell Westbrook recorded his 11th-consecutive triple-double in a game against Portland to extend the longest such streak in NBA history. Westbrook’s streak breaks Wilt Chamberlain’s mark of nine straight, set in 1968.

New NBA Record for All-Star Starts – LeBron James

LeBron “King James” has has a long reign in the NBA.

He is tied for the record for most NBA All-Star game starts as of 2019, matching Kobe Bryant’s hefty tally of fifteen.

New NBA Single Season Dunks Record – Rudy Gobert

The dunks in a single season record of  269 belonged to Dwight Howard, but with 8 games still to play in the season Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert broke Howard’s record of 269. But that was not all she wrote…

Giannis Antetokounmpo had also managed to surpass the 269 record in the same season – so the race was on between both players to finish the season with the most dunks.

Rudy Gobert prevailed, ending the season with 306 dunks, and breaking Howard’s record in a single season. Not far behind him was Giannis with 279 dunks.

New NBA Rookie Triple Doubles Record– Luka Doncic

19 year old rookie Luka Doncic broke the record for most NBA triple double’s recorded by a teenager and the youngest NBA player to score a 30-point triple double.

Doncic came in second to LeBron James in the fan voting for All-Star starters in the Western Conference.

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