2019 All-Ireland GAA ladies football final sets record attendance numbers

Soccer / September 15, 2019

The attendance record at the GAA All-Ireland Senior Ladies’ Football Championship Final was broken again in 2019 – with a total of 56,114 fans spectating the game (and braving the Irish rain) at Croke Park in Dublin,  witnessing Dublin winning their third consecutive LGFA Final.

GAA Ladies Football Final Attendance figures, 2009 -2019
SeasonWinnersFinal ScoreRunner UpLocationAttendance
2009 Cork1–09 – 0–11DublinCroke Park, Dublin21,606
2010Dublin3–16 – 0–09TyroneCroke Park, Dublin21,750
2011Cork2–07 – 0–11MonaghanCroke Park, Dublin20,061
2012 Cork0–16 – 0-07KerryCroke Park, Dublin16,998
2013Cork1-10 – 1-09MonaghanCroke Park, Dublin25,103
2014Cork2–13 – 2-12DublinCroke Park, Dublin27,374
2015 Cork0-12 – 0-10DublinCroke Park, Dublin31,083
2016 Cork1-07 – 1-06DublinCroke Park, Dublin34,445
2017 Dublin4-11 – 0-11MayoCroke Park, Dublin46,286
2018Dublin3-11 – 1-12CorkCroke Park, Dublin50,141
2019Dublin2-03 – 0-04GalwayCroke Park, Dublin56,114

The attendance figure show a trend of growth over the last seven years, with a rise of just over 10% since the 2018 season where Dublin recorded back to back titles against Cork in the senior final. This growth is especially important for the GAA as the Irish sports organization reported declining football crowds at GAA games earlier in the year.

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