NBA Player and Play by Play datasets in CSV Format – perfect for machine learning / sports data analysis & visualization, and building sportsbetting prediction models.

NBA Player List (CSV)

Data for every player to have ever played in the NBA, and each player’s player id. NBA Player list CSV

NBA Play By Play Data By Season (CSV)

Download a historically accurate NBA play by play dataset – with information for each team in the league, and for every season since the 2000/2001 season.

NBA Season Play By Play CSV File
2000-2001 2000-01_pbp.csv
2001-2002 2001-02_pbp.csv
2002-2003 2002-03_pbp.csv
2003-2004 2003-04_pbp.csv
2004-05 2004-05_pbp.csv
2005-2006 2005-06_pbp.csv
2006-2007 2006-07_pbp.csv
2007-2008 2007-08_pbp.csv
2008-2009 2008-09_pbp.csv
2009-10 2009-10_pbp.csv
2010-2011 2010-11_pbp.csv
2011-2012 2011-12_pbp.csv
2012-2013 2012-13_pbp.csv
2013-2014 2013-14_pbp.csv
2014-2015 2014-15_pbp.csv
2015-2016 2015-16_pbp.csv
2016-2017 2016-17_pbp.csv
2017-2018 2017-18_pbp.csv
2018-2019 2018-19_pbp.csv
2019-2020 2019-20_pbp.csv
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