nba2k24 lebron era

The developers behind the NBA 2K basketball video-game franchise announced fresh details on the upcoming game release (available September 8th), including a new LeBron Era mode.

Lebron Era Mode

This mode traces LeBron James’ shift from the Cavaliers to the Heat in 2010, bridging into the existing Modern Era. Just like NBA 2K23 introduced various eras like Magic vs. Bird, Jordan, and Kobe, NBA 2K24 adds more eras.

Lebron Era screenshot from NBA2k24

The five playable eras in NBA 2K24:

  • The Modern Era
  • The LeBron Era
  • The Kobe Era
  • The Jordan Era
  • The Magic vs Bird Era

New Game Features

A new aging feature shows players aging over their careers, while curated reactions from spectators and journalists match the era you’re playing in. Post-game, you’ll see summaries evolve from newspapers to social media posts. Reflecting the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement, NBA 2K24 includes changes like positionless teams and a shorter Restricted Free Agent Right of Refusal Period.

MyNBA online introduces diverse roles like commissioner, admin, and designer. Each role has specific tasks, such as designing logos, arenas, and jerseys. MyNBA Lite streamlines gameplay by removing steps like CBA restrictions and scouting.

In WNBA gameplay, NBA 2K24 lets you start as a college star or an up-and-comer. “In Pursuit of Greatness” has you compete against rivals to earn badge perks, which can be used for updated 2K Breakthrough Skins and MyTEAM Jersey Cards.

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