UFC 13: The Ultimate Force Fights
Fight Name Weight Class Winner Method Round TimeDetails
Vitor Belfort v David Abbott Heavyweight Vitor Belfort KO/TKO 1 0:52 Punches to Head On Ground
Randy Couture v Steven Graham UFC 13 Heavyweight Tournament Title Randy Couture KO/TKO 1 3:13 Punches to Head From Back Control
Guy Mezger v Tito Ortiz UFC 13 Lightweight Tournament Title Guy Mezger Submission 1 2:00 Guillotine Choke After Drop to Ground
Randy Couture v Tony Halme Heavyweight Randy Couture Submission 1 0:56 Rear Naked Choke
Steven Graham v Dmitri Stepanov Heavyweight Steven Graham Submission 1 1:30 Keylock From Side Control
Enson Inoue v Royce Alger Lightweight Enson Inoue Submission 1 1:36 Armbar From Bottom Guard
Guy Mezger v Christophe Leninger Lightweight Guy Mezger Decision - Unanimous 2 3:00 Decision
Jack Nilson v Saeed Hosseini Lightweight Jack Nilson KO/TKO 1 1:23 Elbows to Head From Back Control
Tito Ortiz v Wes Albritton Lightweight Tito Ortiz KO/TKO 1 0:31 Punches to Head From Mount