UFC 14: Showdown Fights
Fight Name Weight Class Winner Method Round TimeDetails
Maurice Smith v Mark Coleman UFC Heavyweight Title Maurice Smith Decision - Unanimous 3 3:00 Decision
Mark Kerr v Dan Bobish UFC 14 Heavyweight Tournament Title Mark Kerr Submission 1 1:38 Other From Mount Chin to Eye
Kevin Jackson v Tony Fryklund UFC 14 Middleweight Tournament Title Kevin Jackson Submission 1 0:44 Rear Naked Choke
Dan Bobish v Brian Johnston Heavyweight Dan Bobish Submission 1 2:10 Forearm Choke On Ground
Mark Kerr v Moti Horenstein Heavyweight Mark Kerr KO/TKO 1 2:22 Punches to Head From Half Guard
Kevin Jackson v Todd Butler Lightweight Kevin Jackson KO/TKO 1 1:27 Punches to Head From Back Control Submission to Strikes
Joe Moreira v Yuri Vaulin Lightweight Joe Moreira Decision - Unanimous 2 3:00 Decision
Alex Hunter v Sam Fulton Heavyweight Alex Hunter Submission 1 2:30 Other Position - Back Control
Tony Fryklund v Donnie Chappell Lightweight Tony Fryklund Submission 1 1:31 Other - Choke From Mount Strangle Choke

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