UFC 23: Ultimate Japan 2 Fights
Fight Name Weight Class Winner Method Round TimeDetails
Kevin Randleman v Pete Williams UFC Heavyweight Title Kevin Randleman Decision - Unanimous 5 5:00 Decision
Pedro Rizzo v Tsuyoshi Kohsaka Heavyweight Pedro Rizzo KO/TKO 3 1:17 Punch to Head On Ground
Kenichi Yamamoto v Katsuhisa Fujii Ultimate Japan 2 Heavyweight Tournament Title Kenichi Yamamoto Submission 2 4:15 Kneebar From Bottom Guard
Joe Slick v Jason DeLucia Middleweight Joe Slick KO/TKO 1 1:28 to Knee Injury
Eugene Jackson v Keiichiro Yamamiya Middleweight Eugene Jackson KO/TKO 3 3:12 Punch to Head At Distance
Kenichi Yamamoto v Daiju Takase Open Weight Kenichi Yamamoto Decision - Unanimous 3 5:00 Decision
Katsuhisa Fujii v Masutatsu Yano Open Weight Katsuhisa Fujii KO/TKO 2 3:12 Punches to Head At Distance

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