UFC 24: First Defense Fights
Fight Name Weight Class Winner Method Round TimeDetails
Tedd Williams v Steve Judson Heavyweight Tedd Williams KO/TKO 1 3:23 Punch to Head At Distance
Lance Gibson v Jermaine Andre Middleweight Lance Gibson KO/TKO 3 3:35 Knee to Head In Clinch
Dave Menne v Fabiano Iha Lightweight Dave Menne Decision - Unanimous 3 5:00 Decision
Bob Cook v Tiki Ghosn Lightweight Bob Cook Submission 2 1:29 Rear Naked Choke
Jens Pulver v David Velasquez Lightweight Jens Pulver KO/TKO 2 2:41 Punches to Head From Mount
Scott Adams v Ian Freeman Heavyweight Scott Adams Submission 1 3:09 Heel Hook On Ground
Shonie Carter v Brad Gumm Lightweight Shonie Carter Decision - Unanimous 2 5:00 Decision

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