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NFL head coaches who have never had a losing season (when a team finishes its regular season with more losses than wins) are a rarity:

  1. Mike Tomlin: Serving as the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers for 16 years, Tomlin has never had a losing season in the NFL​​​​.
  2. George Halas: Had 16 consecutive winning seasons from 1933 to 1951 with the Chicago Bears​​.
  3. Bill Belichick: Led the New England Patriots for 28 seasons and had 19 back-to-back winning seasons from 2001 to 2019​​.
  4. Tom Landry: Coached the Dallas Cowboys for 29 seasons, recording the most consecutive non-losing seasons (21)​​.
  5. Marty Schottenheimer: Had 14 consecutive non-losing seasons starting in 1984, coaching the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs​​.

These coaches stand out for their consistency and ability to maintain competitive teams over extended periods. Coaches that don’t perform in the NFL are don’t last long.

There are no NFL teams that have never had a losing season in their history.

Even the most successful pro-football franchises have experienced losing seasons at some point. However, some teams and coaches have had impressive streaks of consecutive seasons without a losing record.

For instance:

  1. Dallas Cowboys: Had 20 seasons without a losing record from 1966 to 1985.
  2. New England Patriots: Went 19 seasons from 2001 to 2019 without a losing record.
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers: Recorded 18 seasons from 2004 to 2021 without a losing season.
  4. San Francisco 49ers: Achieved 16 seasons from 1983 to 1998 without a losing record.
  5. Oakland Raiders: Had 15 seasons from 1965 to 1980 without a losing record​​.

These records are a testament to the periods of dominance these teams enjoyed during these stretches.

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